Monday, May 14, 2012

Last class

Jim Irvine taught today.
I'm being conservative on the reps but these are the throws we worked on.
Ashi Garuma: 10
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi:  10
Ouchi Gari: 5

We worked on the following combos:
Osoto Gari to Ashi Garuma : 10
Osoto Gari to Ashi Garuma to Ouchi Gari : 10

The brain is a funny thing. One minute everything seems to be working and the next things fall apart.
We also did some bean bag drills, some turn over drills, and a little free sparing groundwork.  I feel very rusty on the ground right now but not completely a fish out of water.
We had a new fellow in class today which is great and he has had some previous judo training.
I know these entries have been boring, but I really want to keep writing this stuff down so that I can track my progress.  My energy was a bit lower today and my right knee is far from good.  Hopefully I will be rejuvinated by next class.  I'll put together something more esoteric for the blog soon.

Hours of training 2.0

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