Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Class Update

Hands Hands Hands.  I must work on my hands through throws.  It's funny how I seem to be able to focus on one or two elements of a throw and then when I try to add one it it totally falls apart.  Of course you need all the elements to make it look eloquent.

We had a good class last night.  Terry Spencer taught and Jim Irvine also worked out, so the class was overflowing with experience.   We had a new young person show up and it was great to see some new blood energized by judo.   We did some hold down drills and I also did some juji gatame  reps.  It had been to long since I drilled that so it was good to start to get the flow again.

I worked a lot on combos last night:
Hiza Garuma to Hari O Goshi : 20 reps
Kouchi Gaka to Ippon Seonagi : 10 reps.. (although some of those I ended up throwing the Kouchi)
Kouchi to O Uchi to Tai Otochi : 3 reps..
Kouchi to Tsuri Goshi : 3 reps

Ashi Garuma : 10 reps
Tsuri Goshi : 10 reps
O Uchi Gari : 3 reps
O Soto Gari: 5 reps

We also did quite a few fit ins or Uchikomi (fit in drills) as well.

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