Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holiday training :BJJ and Judo

I decided to give the double header another whorl on Monday.  They were just doing no-gi open mat work in BJJ as it was a holiday, but it was an excellent opportunity to get some good technique overviews from Coach Ray Casias.  I had another novice to work with so we got to drill quite a bit.

Ray started us doing a simple no-gi double leg pass where you put both hands on your opponents knees, scoot them to the side and then stop forward and chalk your foot into your opponents side.  He then had us do another variation where did the same thing but put one hand on the opponents belly and pushed the knee down with the other hand.

From there we went on to a basic side control position.  Ray emphasis calking your knee at the opponents hip to stop him from turning, and locking down the opponents head so that he can't turn into you.  We then progressed to knee on belly.  Ray emphasized that it is really the shin on the belly.  He exploded up from side control, placed the leg at a slight angle across the opponents middle, hips are open and the stance is wide.  Your arm that starts under the opponents shoulder  and pulls the opponent up toward the knee which creates enough pressure to keep control.

Next we worked some guard submissions.   In Judo we would call the two submissions performed juji gatame: arm bar (from guard) and Sankaku Jime: Triangular strangle.  I believe no two instructors will teach these movements identically but it was nice to see that many of the key components were common in Judo and BJJ.

In Juji gatame the emphasis was on a no-gi arm gripping to drag your opponents arm across to your shoulder. On foot on the hip and the other leg calking under the opponents armpit, and swiveling to create a proper angle, then throwing the leg on hip over the opponents face, and bridging your core to create the fulcrum.

In Sankaku Jime: the emphasis was on feeding your opponents arm through your legs and launching up with your hips to drag your opponent off balance.  Take his arm across your body (underneath your armpit) , secure his position by grabbing your own shin, throw your leg over. Grab his head and tighten everything up.
When your club is opened on the holidays be sure to take that opportunity to train.  Chances are not many people will be there so you will get some good personalized instruction from your coaches.  It is great to have the elements broken down by someone who has performed them thousands of times.  It gives you a sequence you can do reps with.

After BJJ I took some Judo.  I got very few reps in as in the first 20 min I managed to induce a muscle spasm in my leg, so we will write that class off to spending time with friends.  I did get to work on some Kouchi gari, but I really need to work on it when I'm healthy.

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