Tuesday, May 22, 2012

double header

Last night I tried to optimize my time by doing a hour of Brazilian JiuJitsu followed by two hours of Judo.  I was breaking off rust from my ground game but clearly have a lot of work to do.  When you are relaxed you can "flow" more and you burn less energy but when you are tight and scrambling you burn more.  For this reason BJJ really took its tole on me where as Judo (where I'm looser and more relaxed) was less punishing.  I did fewer reps and more uchicomies but still got a great work out overall.  As my stamina increases I should be able to improve my rep numbers.

From memory here are my reps.

Kouchi gaka to drop seonagi : 3 -  Even though this is one of my favorite combos, I figured out this is want is putting pressure on my right knee so I'm backing off this one for a while until I can correct my technique.
Hiza Garuma to Hari O Goshi:  5
Kouchi to O Uchi to Tai Otochi:  5 ?

Ashi Garuma : 6
O Goshi : 10
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi: 15

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