Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stat Update

Last class was another great Judo class.  Terry Spencer was recovering from participating in the USA Judo Nationals last weekend (Good Job Terry!) so Mike Smith lead the charge.  We roughly followed the same out line as last Thursday but worked on a the details of a few of the throws on the list rather than covering them all.
We had a BJJ student join us for this class. He has been out a few times and is really getting the feel for it.  Usually when we have lower belts in class we work on a throws like O Soto Gari and the guys with more experience take a lot of falls.  This works really well in my opinion because the lower belts get to throw more without getting punished the next day for taking so many falls.  We also do more Uchi Komi (fit in without throwing) so they get the mechanics rather than full throws.  As such I think I did more falling than throwing, but I still feel that I got a lot in and got a good workout.

The picture is from a few years back during one of my instructor's (Joe Dan Pickering) black belt test.  I still have not figured out how to work taking a few pics into the scheme of things, but I will.

Throw Last Class Total
O Soto Gari 15 20
O Goshi 5 10
Tai Otoshi 5 15
Ashi Garuma 0 15
Hari Tsuri Komi Goshi 0 5
Ko Uchi Gari 15 25
O Uchi Gari 5 10
Ippon Seoi Nage 5 5

CombosLast Class Total
Ko Uchi Gaka to Ippon Seionagi 010
Hiza Garuma to Hari O Goshi: 510
Ko Uchi Gari to Tai Otoshi33
Ko Uchi Gari to O Uchi Gari
to O Soto Gari

Total Hours of training: 4

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